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        Hey! My name is Richard and I’m NY based writer. I write about people, their characters, lives and their complicated destinies. I find my inspiration in diving into people’s eyes, souls, during our communication with each other. My books are full of breathtaking plots  and strong characters.


        my biography

        Things have changed when NY Magazine published one of my novels and then offered to become a columnist. For about a year I was writing about life in New York. I live this city, so this period was very exciting for me. But, my ambitions as a writer increased.


        my biography

        The first book I released was the Immoralist. It was written in 2006 and published in 2010. This story is about me and my relations with friends and about my childhood. Although, the main character is older than I was at the time I worked on the book, it totally depicts myself.

        MY CAREER

        my biography

        Today I’m working on my next book. I hope, it will be released this year. Except writing I also participate in many projects, meet with other writers, share my experience in my blog and organize master classes telling more about writing skills and career.

        I’m a member of US Free Writers Assosiation since 2012. From time to time I teach students in the University I studied at. I constantly work on my books and as for now I have 6 books published. My seventh book will be called Morning Glory – a story about true love in big city.

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